Stage III: Leaderpreneur

You’ve been a leader or professional of a team for more than 5 years and you want to create a culture for your team to Level Up their impact. You lead a team of 10 or more individuals and you want to grow team potential to increase productivity, profit and impact. Problem is You: Are not getting the full engagement, nor leveraging the full potential, of your team.   Do you find that relationship dis-harmony and/or team health problems creates:
  • An environment that makes communication and collaboration difficult?
  • Low moral? 
  • Disengaged employees?
  • Lack of trust?
  • Low attraction to dedicated, skilled workers?
  • High level of stress among employees?
I will specifically help you in the areas of:
  • Motivation – Motivation, skills and leadership to increase flow and workplace relationships
  • Clarity – Clarity of employee capital and potential and how to leverage it
  • Stress Busting – Stress Resiliency training
  • Health – Increased health – mentally, emotionally and physically
This program makes use of:
  • Wealth & Talent Dynamics assessments & individual Debriefs to set goals, relationship-building and increase flow, productivity and profits
  • Life Mission Consulting and mentoring for Leader and monthly follow up consultations for 3 months
  • 3 hour session for Intention, Mindfulness & Life Skills to overcome Stress
  • 12 weeks of Acu-detox Sessions, (Partial Insurance coverage)
  • Lunch-N-Learns for department
  • On-site massage sessions

Nearly 80% of survey leaders state they would benefit from a coach to help them manage stress.

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