Fitness from the Inside-Out

Have you ever wondered why we start out the New Year with our best intentions to lose weight, workout and feel better, only to find by February we are sitting in front of the TV, watching the fitness video that we got for Christmas eating bon-bons?  What happens to our best intentions that we eventually revert back into old habits?  How can we change this behaviour to support our goals?  The Answer is:…it happens from the inside out!

The Inside look of Fitness

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our bodies.  We indulge them, deprive them, stuff them or starve them, overwork and under work them, spoil them, punish them, enjoy them, suffer them, and , at times, feel betrayed by them.

To make the best our of ‘getting in shape’, we need to start to bring our inside beliefs, attitudes and feelings to our everyday consciousness.  Most people have difficulty reaching goals because we have been taught to start with the ‘outside’ first.  Meaning we develop a have, be, feel philosophy. For example, most individuals who want to lose weight will say to me…”I want to lose 25 lbs because then I will have the body I want and THEN I will feel better about who I am”.

This creates a problem with success.  Even after the outer 25lbs are gone, the inner belief system is still there telling them that they are “not good enough” or “my body is still unacceptable”.  This is the cycle that keeps most people in a dieting, negative self-talk low motivation behaviour sabotaging any success that creates peace within their body.

“Your Body is the only thing you are guaranteed to keep for a lifetime.  It forms the foundation of your earthly existence.” – Dan Millman

Starting with:  ‘Feel, Be, Have’… to fitness success!

It’s simple; our body doesn’t lie!  If we treat our body with disrespect (poor diet, pushing too hard, too much stress, negative talk, etc.) it talks back with pain, discomfort and gets weighted down with burdens.  When you FEEL good about who you are and feel accepting of yourself – RIGHT NOW, you will BE making choices that are supportive, loving and nourishing and you will HAVE better health, better relationships, better self-esteem.  When you are in LOVE, most people have more energy and fewer burdens…let yourself fall in love with YOUSELF this Valentine’s Day.

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” – Unknown


Tips for Inner Fitness & Loving Yourself!

If your body was your lover, how would it want to be treated?  How would you feed, entertain and care for your lover if you were responsible for their health and happiness?

Feel your way to Success

*Practice putting on lotion and stay present to how good it feels to have love & attention.

*Move, Dance, Walk “As IF” your body was beautiful and Perfect.  See yourself not as your body but as a living spirit that is just temporarily borrowing this body as a vehicle to express and receive love in this world!  The body doesn’t lie, so when it hurts it’s because it’s been neglected of TLC!

“There is subtle truth, whatever you love, you are.” – RUMI

Be beautiful, be at peace with who you are & what you look like!

*Accept your body, exactly how it is now.  This is not about giving up; it’s best to use your energy to love yourself and for finding inner peace.

*Enhance your focus on what you like about yourself/body.

*Adopt gratitude for what your body does and can do for you!

“when we look at our bodies and feel repulsion, it is because we are comparing ourselves to a size we have been told is beautiful!  See without judging, touch without fear and accept yourself as who you are…” – Debbie Shapiro

Have the life that nourishes you and the body that supports your passion

The more you focus on what you love, the more you will draw it to you.  ‘Like attracts Like’.  People, events and circumstances can all shift when we shift our perspective of ourselves.  Shift your actions to take small acts of kindness towards yourself.  Treat your body as your friend and love and watch how it loves you back!

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