Weather…or not, Be Happy!

Weather…or not, Be Happy!

Happiness is determined more by one’s state of mind than by external events.” – Dalai Lama

Everyday you are faced with choices and decisions that affect you and those you love.  We all strive for happiness in our lives.  How do you trust yourself to make a good choice if you are measuring that choice solely on the approval and opinion of others?

When you measure your self-worth and life satisfaction by the weather, bank accounts, status in your careers, relationships or the shape of your body, you will constantly be controlled by outside factors that you can not change, leaving you powerless and dissatisfied with life.

…Imagination can change the life of people at their roots.” – Thomas Moore

Imagine being connected to an internal source of sunshine, energy, peace, and love, even as you weather the toughest of life’s storms.  The highest state of happiness occurs when you reach liberation from external influences and accept yourself and your circumstances.  By adopting a healthy, happy mind set; you make the best out of situations and view learning from them as an adventure.

When someone asks me, ‘how is your love life?’ my answer is, Yes!  I love my life, thank you.  How’s yours?” – Stephanie Allen

What is sourcing your Happiness?

If you have a strong sense of contentment, it doesn’t matter whether you obtained the object or not, either way, you are still content.” Dalai Lama

Choosing thoughts and mental attitudes that create happiness is truly an investment in long-tem happiness.  What happens to you when your outer sources of happiness disappear?  (Divorce, illness, injury, job, or financial loss)  If you harbor hateful thoughts, resentment, and frustration or hurt somewhere deep inside, it manifests as a dis-ease, emotionally or physically destroying your health and affecting the quality of your relationships.  Eventually, the suppressed – unhappiness creates a need to spend your hard earned money on short-lived pleasures or addictions.  If you spend more time and attention looking inside to find what makes you happy you are less likely to fear change or be less influenced by what others think/feel or want form you.

True Happiness is knowing what your internal needs are and then getting them met in a self empowering way that inspires and liberates others” – The Way of the Heart Program

Tips for Creating Internal Happiness

1.  What Makes you Happy?  Make a list of all the things that restore you.  Make it a priority to put them into your daily schedule.  The foundation for happiness is the time you spend (not money) on caring for your soul.

2.  Change your Mind.  You can’t always change your circumstances or your past but you can change how you choose to remember what happened.  “How did that event make me into a better person?”  Challenges make us stronger and help us grow.  Celebrate the gifts; make a list of all that you gained from the experience!  See things from a new perspective and turn lemons into lemonade.

3.  Believe in your dreams and Become that person.
✴    Imagine your deepest dream for your life.
✴    Who would you be if you were living that life now?
✴    What would be different about how you hold your body, speak, think, visualize and feel like?
✴    Write it out.  Create an image of the qualities and imagine becoming those qualities – now!

4.  Be willing to change your actions and think like your Ideal Self!
If we plant unhappiness now in the present we harvest unhappiness in our future.  We reap what we sow.  When making a decision ask yourself, “If my Ideal self is living my desire now and had this conflict/change, how would I respond, think or choose – differently?’  Bring your Ideal self here and Now to make your decisions for you.

It’s not having what you want, its wanting what you have!” – Sheryl Crow

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