Stephanie J. Allen

Personal Leadership

from the Inside Out

Leadership requires us to take the responsibility of leading ourselves before we can properly lead others.

It also requires we think more deeply about the future so we can better anticipate and lead change.

Only by taking an “inside-out” approach to personal leadership can our people and our organizations evolve and grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

I help people build the internal structures of self support and vision that will help them lead themselves and others in the external world.

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"Stephanie Allen’s workshops truly helped our employees achieve a work-life balance by creating visions for both their professional and personal lives and by identifying the best use of their time, energy and knowledge to accomplish their goals."

"Rejuvenated, fresh, alert, calm, relaxed, and focused are just a few of the adjectives our employees used to describe a 45 min group session with Stephanie Allen. With our reserved group, this speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of Stephanie’s particular skill set as well as her approach.

"Stephanie showed me how to get clear on what I wanted for my life and in 1 year my business grew 600% in the ‘slowest’ months of the year. I now know where my business is going and how to grow my career and life with more joy, time and abundance."

Stephanie Allen knows that the best way to beat stress is a strong personal foundation.

At 22 her life seemed nearly perfect.

She was a competitive athlete with a good job and was committed to marry a doctor.

That all changed when she lost her health, her job, and her relationship in one week following a car crash, forcing her to re-evaluate her life and rediscover herself.

Now, Stephanie brings her 30 years of insight as a therapist and expert in personal leadership to her audiences, helping them thrive through the stresses and demands of the outside world.

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