Strengthen Your Relationships & Leadership Potential

Book Title: Carpe Diem Vol. 1 Reclaim You Dream, Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Purpose

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Live, Love, Lead and Leave a Legacy

Stephanie J Allen has been a Therapist, Instructor, Published Author and Award winning speaker for over two and a half decades. As an Entrepreneur Consultant she has worked with some of the world’s top companies on Corporate Health & Wellbeing, Stress management and in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes. She’s helped thousands of clients live an Inspired Life aligned with love, purpose and contribution. She offers energizing and empowering sessions to Improve relationships, recognize strengths and leverage your value to optimize impact, potential and results for your life and business.

She works with individuals who are:

  • Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs
  • Ages 21 to 45
  • Teams of 10 employees or more
  • Aspiring to make an impact in the world
  • Ethically and Environmentally Aware
  • Seeking to reach potential and success
  • Who are valuing their health, family, business and community
  • Invested in living a more active, healthy lifestyle
  • Seeking inner peace, life balance, deeper intimacy with Loved ones
  • Who are Ready and Willing to live a “Life on Purpose”

Stephanie energizes and empowers people to make “Shift Happen!” through understanding the relationship between the mind and body to fulfill physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Strengthen Your Leadership - Strengthen Your Potential

Leadership skills can play a large role in not only your own career development but that of the team that you are called to lead. Your industry knowledge and technical skills can take you so far but the real differentiator of a great leader comes down to the fine-tuning of great soft-skills that foster meaningful relationships.

This strategy session is a customized half-day laser-session to equip the leader in better understanding relationship dynamics and the process by which positive change occurs.

This session is for you if you:
  • Lead a high performance team and know you have some work to do to build it
  • Create an environment that spells success
  • Become more efficient in what you do
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness and foster a higher ROI from your efforts
If you’re managing people while at the same time trying to achieve their own outcomes and you want to create a more aligned and positive culture within their business unit or organization.

*offered as a half day or full day experience

Results of Stephanie’s Sessions:

Make Your Impact

Which "Preneur-type" are you?
Go to Stage I: “WannaPreneur”

Stage I: “WannaPreneur”

Get Into Your Flow

* Clarity of purpose
* Direction for your passion
* Identify your potential
* Develop a clear plan to build a foundation for Success
* Life Skills to improve confidence and courage to take Action

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Go to Stage II: “SoloPreneur”

Stage II: “SoloPreneur”

Off the Treadmill

*Clarity on how to leverage your skills to build a team that ignites and empowers your vision, mission and purpose.

Go to Stage III: “LeaderPreneur”

Stage III: “LeaderPreneur”

Whole Team Productivity

* Motivation, skills and leadership to increase flow and workplace relationships
* Clarity of employee capital and potential and how to leverage it
* Stress Busting Resiliency training
* Increased health: mentally, emotionally and physically

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