Stephanie J. Allen

Brought up in a family of architects and builders, Stephanie Allen has always been fascinated with the science of building and structuring things. This included relationships and herself.

Due to challenges with generational trauma, she reflexively built psychological walls to compartmentalize herself and her life. On the outside she seemed healthy and strong. She was a competitive athlete with a good job, and was set to marry a doctor.

Those outer walls crumbled one memorable week when she got into a serious car accident, got fired from her job and also caught her ‘love of her life’ cheating. Her outer life challenged, her inner self was unable to deal with the chaos and stress of her new reality.

Her first thought was to escape. She left her hometown on a slow journey west until she ended up in Los Angeles just in time for the city’s infamous 1992 riots. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to live.

As she watched the turmoil from her window she realized how much it mirrored her life. Despair, hopelessness and anger were simply spinning her in circles. She knew she had to rebuild herself.

This time, instead of building walls, she focused on creating a good foundation, going deep within to understand herself and letting go of the need for control.

Now, thirty years later, she is a master of several foundational modalities that deal with trauma, stress and chronic pain. Stephanie Allen brings her own insight, inspiration and creative techniques to her clients as a therapist, thought leader, and transformational coach.