Stephanie J. Allen


At 24, my life fell apart. My body was in pain, my mind was burnt out and my heart was broken. With less than $100, and with help from friends, I gathered the courage to move thousands of miles away to start a new life and open my first business.

In this time of upheaval and uncertainty there were 3 things I knew for certain that I wanted:

  1. To be in a relationship that was loving and loyal.
  2. To have meaningful work in an environment that valued my gifts and strengths and rewarded me security and a beautiful life.
  3. To make my life matter by giving back through service connected to my heart.

For 30 years as a seasoned speaker, best selling author, life coach, wellness consultant, adventurer, athlete, spiritual seeker and therapist, I have moved myself and others to transform the hurt to healing and helping. Working with thousands of clients and some of the world’s top organizations to foster healthier and more productive leaders and team environments. Clients have benefited by receiving a life their heart was calling them to live has not only improved health and relationships, but also uplifted their lives and the communities they serve. Transforming stress we rise up and respond to restore what generations have neglected and/or destroyed. With willingness to connect with love and inner guidance, we can set ourselves free and share our extraordinary gifts in the way the World needs us.

In times of stress and uncertainty, we have many questions around the meaning of life and our purpose within it all. Life continually calls us to respond and reset our vision and goals. In my work, I’ve discovered a way that will lift you and your team up to transcend and evolve. We can choose to do this consciously and without having to suffer.

When I reflect back over my journey, seemingly the painful challenges were opportunities that developed my gifts (that were buried deep in my tissues) and purified the limiting beliefs, habits, doubts and fears that keep the real me stuck in “lock down”.

Having worked nationally and internationally, I have brought together solid systems for transformation and growth in the areas of cultivating healthy mindset, values based leadership, and employee engagement/positive culture. Serving mission focused organizations and individuals who want to source love and connection to illuminate their True Self, is my passion.

When we grow potential, increase productivity and create healthy teams, we access great resources to heal ourselves, each other and our humanity.