Beyond Hands-On

Your journey of self-exploration and discovery

Guided by Stephanie J. Allen

The only destination in life worth reaching is to know and love your true self

About Beyond Hands-On

Beyond Hands-On is a year-long retreat, providing space and guidance to allow you to take a deep-dive into your inner life.

On this journey together we will explore and discover an inner unfolding and a deep connection to Self-Awareness and Love to develop inner wealth and leadership.

Our first cohort will begin in January 2023.

We will meet online as a group twice per month. There will also be monthly one-on-one sessions, as well as the opportunity to gather in-person on a regular basis.

Woman in Field with Butterflies

A life disconnected from our True Self is exhausting. Integrity arises when who we are on the inside (Our True Loving Self) is aligned with who are are and what we do on the outside, in our work, play and love.

When we hold space for the unfolding process of deepening love for ourself we allow life to flow to us, lift us up and fulfill our reason for being without striving.

Coming together in our year long retreat will help you create the space to receive what life is calling for you (and believe me, it will surprise and delight you and be better than you ever imagined).

Aligned with a circle of fellow travellers, who share your quest to realize your True Self, you will find the support, practices and celebration to unfold your beautiful butterfly wings towards freedom that you never knew possible.

Women Cocooned as Caterpillars
Women Emerging as Butterflies

Am I promising that after 1 year you will know who you are, why you are here and what you are here to do and be? NO. But I will promise you that you will have the practices, the support of myself and community to help you soar with greater compassion and gentleness. That space will begin to be made for you to discern between your limited Self and True Self. You will begin to hear and listen to your inner voice with trust, to allow great guidance in your life.

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Commitment & Investment

Beyond Hands-On will be an experience specially curated for you as well as the small group of 10 participants, which means that in order to be successful you will need to demonstrate that you are deeply committed to the process of inner exploration.

While that process is unique to each individual, you will also need to be willing to allow your True Self to unfold with the group. This will require honesty, openness, vulnerability and trust. It will also require your focus and energy outside of the designated meetings, to do work on your own time.

Your commitment and investment ($550/month or $5000 if paid in full) will be due by December 15, 2022.

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To apply for Beyond Hands-On, send an email to and respond to the following questions:

What are you seeking in your life, your heart and your soul, and why is it important to you?
What would it mean to you?

Where are you now in relationship to what you want? What’s going on with you right now?

Who do you need to become to step into your ideal? What gets in the way?


Tip: For inspiration on writing your application email, check out Episode 67 of The Soulful Leader Podcast: “3 Questions that will Change your Life”