We fear change – we fear being stuck
We fear success – we fear failure
We fear living – we fear dying
We fear intimacy – we fear loneliness
We fear beginnings – we fear endings

How do we deal with these fears on a day to day basis? We construct a comfort zone, ignore our needs and desires and limit our life to mediocrity. The price that is paid is – Your Life!

We numb our passions by putting restrictions and judgments on ourselves. We tell ourselves, “I can’t handle it,” so we don’t attempt to try something new or different. We convince ourselves that “I’m not valued enough” so we keep busy doing a million things to avoid making time to care for ourselves, depleting our health and money and attracting relationships that are lonely or non-existent.

I’d rather die while living than live while I’m dead” – Jimmy Buffet

Are you Cooked in your Life?

If you put a frog in hot water it’s smart enough to know it’s not healthy and it quickly jumps out. If you put a frog in cold water and very slowly turn up the heat, it adjusts, losing its ability to detect danger to eventually end up – cooked. In Humans – Medicine labels this as depression. You might know it as loss control, feeling like a victim to life’s overwhelming demands.

Everything that people create is a projection of what’s inside them.” – Stuart Lichtman

In our comfort zone, we adjust daily by avoiding doing things that are good for us, staying too busy, and not making the time to nourish all aspects of ourselves (Spirit/Mind/Body). We have become a society of humandoers – victims of external circumstances, motivated by our jobs, media and society. We exist – Spiritually Bankrupt as “the living Dead” – Cooked Frogs.

Some people enjoy being miserable. Some people enjoy the frustration of trying to comfort them. It is always best to leave them to themselves as both are engaged in a pointless exercise in self-indulgence.” – Bryce Courtenay

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

1. Stop the momentum. Break the cycle by doing something completely different! Get up on the other side of the bed. Drive a different way to work. Re-act totally opposite to a repeating situation/conflict. Listen to a new station. Try something you haven’t done before: food, sport, language, craft, job, or relationship. Make it fun!

2. Exercise the mind: Challenge a limiting belief by reversing it and reaffirming its opposite. Ex. I am always broke and struggle with my relationships. To “Money always comes to me and my relationships are peaceful.” Claim it to be true. The more you can break the negative mind talk (death) and replace it with positive affirmations (life) the more you will grow towards manifesting miracles.

3. Exercise your Heart. It’s a muscle that needs to be active to grow. Every day, take time to imagine what you want. See it, feel it, write it out, paint/draw it, dance it until you are so inspired that when an opportunity presents itself you can say – “Yes!” We get what we want when we know what we are looking for. Take action towards what you love.

The process of becoming a person begins with a mess.” – Carl Jung

It’s scary to venture out of the zone and into the unknown. It takes courage and faith. Most of all it takes a willingness to be alive and that takes growth and change. Taking small steps towards what you want encourages greater success and builds confidence. If you ask yourself, “what is the worse thing that could happen to me?” you might find that you are already living that “worse case scenario”.

What have you got to lose? – but the dead-zone!

Until you have been in love, you cannot become yourself.” – Emily Dickinson

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen is a trained therapist and coach who helps clients live an inspired life aligned with love, purpose and contribution. She offers energizing and empowering sessions to improve relationships, recognize strengths and leverage your value to optimize impact, potential and results for your life and business. Contact Stephanie for corporate team building, retreats and 1:1 sessions. Call (902) 694-3098