Stage III: Leaderpreneur

You’ve been a professional or a leader of a team for more than 5 years and you are ready to create culture for your team and level up your impact.

You lead a team of 10 or more individuals and you want to grow the team’s potential to increase productivity, profit and impact.

The problem you face is that you’re not leveraging the full potential or getting the full engagement of your team.

You may have found that unharmonious relationships or team health problems have created some of the following issues:

  • An environment that makes communication and collaboration difficult
  • Low morale
  • Disengaged employees
  • A lack of trust
  • Inability to attract dedicated or skilled workers
  • High level of stress among employees

I will specifically help you in the areas of:


Motivation, skills and leadership to increase flow and workplace relationships


Clarifying employee capital and potential and learning how to leverage it

Stress Busting

Stress Resiliency training


Increased health – mental, emotional and physical

This program makes use of:

  1. Wealth & Talent Dynamics assessments & individual debriefs to set goals, build relationships, and increase flow, productivity and profits
  2. Life Mission Consulting and mentoring for Leader and monthly follow up consultations for 3 months
  3. Three-hour session to set intention and learn mindfulness & life skills to overcome stress
  4. 12 weeks of stress-detox sessions (partial insurance coverage)
  5. Lunch-N-Learns for team or department
  6. On-site massage sessions


Nearly 80% of surveyed leaders stated they would benefit from a coach to help them manage stress.

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