Wealth Dynamics

The profiling system for entrepreneurs to find their flow.

Are you feeling stuck in your business or life and unsure of the steps to take to get where you want to be?

As a chronic pain therapist for over 30 years, I’ve noticed that when we don’t have a way to express our gifts, strengths and passions, we experience pain. This pain may be physical in our bodies, or it may manifest as a struggle or dissatisfaction with our lives: jobs, relationships, finances or a lack of meaning.

When we connect to our deep self, discovering and acknowledging our gifts, strengths, and passions, and we are given a way to unfold them in the world in a way that gets our needs met; pain goes away. We are then inspired and driven by passion that fills us with resiliency and a deep ability to move forward with certainty and clarity for success.

If you are ready to discover your greatness, grow your potential and make an impact, then you are ready for a session with Wealth Dynamics and Life Mission. Contact me today and we can discuss your path to fulfill your purpose.

Stephanie J. Allen
Wealth Dynamics Performance Consultant

Why Wealth Dynamics?

Created by Roger James Hamilton in 2003, the Wealth Dynamics profiling system has been used by more than 700,000 professionals and business owners around the world.

Discovering your Wealth Dynamics profile will empower you to discover the work that you are meant for, align with the people who can keep you in flow, and begin to fully unlock your entrepreneurial genius.

Watch this 10 minute video to learn about Wealth Dynamics from creator Roger Hamilton.

The Wealth Dynamics Profiling system provides clarity on your path of least resistance to wealth creation. Through a profiling test it identifies your specific path to wealth.

Wealth Dynamics is an evolution of Jungian psychometric testing into specific action & thinking dynamics that relates to entrepreneurs. It goes back to the roots of personality profiling in Chinese philosophy, which precedes Western psychometric testing by 2,500 years. Rather than just being a profiling report and list of soft recommendations, Wealth Dynamics provides an intuitive system which equips an entrepreneur with:

  1. Clarity on the path of least resistance to success.
  2. One of eight paths with a list of identifiable role models & biographies that align with the 5 elements in Chinese Medicine.
  3. A six-step process to building the right team and focusing on the right activity.
  4. Links to the growth stages in business, giving clarity on leadership succession.
  5. Links to country, industry and lifestyle trends, giving clarity on when winning formulas become losing formulas.

Wealth Dynamics is an essential tool for entrepreneurs, and it provides essential formulas for step-by-step actions to reach your personal wealth and support others to follow their flow.

As well as the financial ROI, many of the reasons clients choose coaching and training are for overcoming and transcending interpersonal issues, negative politics, silo mentalities, dysfunctional teams, low employee engagement, a lack of innovation and/or general poor performance – When individuals, teams and organisations get more and more into flow and clarify their gifts, strengths, values, goals and discover their unique path to wealth, dysfunctions and issues(personal and professional) seemingly go away.

As a Flow Consultant, I use Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics and Life Mission philosophy and training as tools to give clients and team clarity in their path to flow, as well as provide you with valuable insights into those you servec, so you can create your own personalized pathway that suits your natural strengths and build teams and community that will transcend your weaknesses.

Wealth Dynamics Test + Consultation

Take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Assessment and receive a one-on-one consultation with Stephanie J. Allen to gain perspective on your profile.

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Wealth Dynamics Test Only

Take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Assessment

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